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Sree Pavanapuri Apartments

Are you in search of the best luxury apartments in Guruvayur? Sree Pavanapuri Apartments, situated near Guruvayur Temple, is the ideal choice for you.

Live in Guruvayur, a serene town in God’s Own Country, near the famous Lord Krishna temple. Sree Pavanapuri Apartments in Guruvayur, ideally located next to the railway station, offer easy access to the airport, government offices, business centers, ATM's, banks, hospitals, and supermarkets, ensuring a well-connected and convenient lifestyle.

These secure, assisted-living residences embody the future of senior living, ideal for retirees seeking proximity to their Divine calling. With state-of-the-art security and eco-friendly amenities, it's a unique sanctuary blending the best of both worlds.

Discover luxurious one or two-bedroom units with reserved parking and world-class amenities. These high-quality 'green' residences prioritize sustainable energy, creating a perfect habitat in harmony with nature. Welcome home to inspired living!

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Welcome Sree Pavanapuri Apartments Guruvayur


The structure of the luxury flats in Guruvayur is built on a robust foundation and is SRCC-framed. The building is earthquake-resistant and features solid concrete walls with a thickness of 200 mm. There are three types of doors: the main door, the bedroom-kitchen door, and the bathroom door, all equipped with YALE locks and fittings. The doors are constructed with high-quality veneer and feature a wooden frame.

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  • Substructure in pile foundation
  • SRCC framed structure
  • Solid Concrete wall of 200 mm thick
  • Earthquake resistant
Sleek and modern wooden interior door with a minimalist design, featuring clean lines and a smooth finish.

Inner Doors

  • Main Door - 7.5 feet high Veneer door with engineered wood frame and YALE locks and fittings
  • Bedroom & Kitchen doors - 7.5 feet high Veneer Door with Veneer wrapped WPC frame and YALE locks and fittings
  • Bathroom doors - 7.5 feet high Laminate door with PVC wrapped WPC frame and YALE locks and fittings
Paint & Finishes

Paint & Finishes

  • Internal walls of living, dining, kitchen, bedrooms & lobby with 2 coats of putty, primer and 2 coats of paint
  • Ceiling with 2 coats of putty, primer and 2 coats of paint
  • Exterior faces with Primer and 2 coats of emulsion water proof paint
  • Utility & Toilets with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint
  • Toilet walls with vitrified tiles up to 7 feet height and rest with primer and 2 coats of paint    
External Doors & Windows

External Doors & Windows

  • Windows - Aluminium sliding/swing panels with 6 mm tempered plain glass
  • Balcony openings - Aluminium sliding French doors with toughened glass
  • Ventilators - Aluminium frame with louvers & glazed panels
  • All accessories are from Kinlong (imported) brand
Luxury Flooring at sree pavanapuri apartments in guruvayur


  • Foyer, Living, Dining, Bedrooms and Kitchen with 120 x 600 Simpolo vitrified tile flooring
  • Bathrooms & Utility with 600 x 600 and Balcony with 800 x 130 vitrified matt finish Kajaria tiles
  • Bathrooms & Utility with 600 x 600 and Balcony with 800 x 130 vitrified matt finish Kajaria tiles
Electrical - facility at sree pavanapuri apartment


  • ISI standard Cables and Wires
  • Legrand switches & sockets
  • Provision for Air conditioner in all rooms
  • Modular plate switches, MCB and ELCB
  • Telephone and Data (DTH) provisions in Living room
  • Energy saving sensor operated lights in common area
Modern kitchen in a Guruvayur apartment with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and ample cabinet space


  • Separate treated water line exclusively for drinking purpose to all flats
  • Provision for Exhaust, Fridge, Oven, Washing Machine, Water Purifier etc
  • CP fittings from ROCA
  • Centralized gas piping with leak detection system
Modern elevator in the stylish lobby of the apartments

Lift & Lobby

  • Elegant entrance lobby
  • Nature friendly Visitor’s lounge
  • 2 Lifts including 1 stretcher/service Lift
Opulent luxury bathroom interior with elegant marble flooring, a spacious glass-enclosed shower, and a freestanding bathtub.


  • Polished granite slab with countertop
  • Wash basins and water closets from Toto
  • CP and sanitary fittings from Roca
  • Wall mixer and rain shower from Roca
  • Geyser provision
Other Facilities - at sree pavanapuri apartments

Other Facilities

  • Full fledged Sewage Treatment Plant for liquid waste and Biogas Plant for solid waste
  • Rain Water Harvesting system
  • Generator backup for all flats and common areas.
  • Terrace garden in first floor and Landscaped areas in ground
  • Roof Party Area
  • Kids Play Area
  • Yoga Terrace
  • Rooftop Gym
  • 100% covered car parking
Security Systems - at sree pavanapuri apartments

Security Systems

  • Security room for controlled entry and exit
  • CCTV surveillance at pivotal points across the building premise
  • Access control at each entry and exit points


The luxury apartments in Guruvayur is conveniently located near the Guruvayur Railway Station, making it easily accessible. A spacious rooftop gym, a kid-friendly play area, 100% covered parking facilities, centralised gas systems, a yoga terrace, premium CP sanitary fittings are among other convenient amenities.

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Conveniently Located

Conveniently Located

10 meters away from the Railway Station
Rooftop Gym

Rooftop Gym

Kids Play Area

Kids Play Area

Senior Friendly

Senior Friendly

Roof Party Area - icon

Roof Party Area

100% Covered Parking available

100% Covered Parking

Centralized Gas System

Centralized Gas System

Yoga Terrace available

Yoga Terrace

Premium CP Sanitary Fittings

Premium CP Sanitary Fittings

Landscaped Terrace Garden available at our apartment

Landscaped Terrace Garden

Security Room with CCTV Monitoring Facility

Security Room with CCTV Monitoring Facility

Power Backup

Power Backup

Door Access Control Systems available at sree pavnapuri aprtment

Door Access Control Systems

Servants and Drivers Restroom at sree pavanapuri apartments

Servants and Drivers Restroom

Our Floor Plans

Our floor plans are done by expert engineers after careful planning and study. It is curated, taking into consideration the new trends in the market for house designs. Before they are implemented, our plans are thoroughly reviewed. The apartment in Guruvayur is friendly to kids as well as senior citizens.

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Apartment Plans

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

In Your Neighbourhood

Check out the nearest facilities near Sree Pavanapuri Apartments in Guruvayur. All are within walking distance and are also easily accessible. The Residences is close to a movie theatre, a train station, a hospital, schools, and colleges.

Railway Station - 10 Meters
Railway Station - 10 Meters
Guruvayur Sree krishna Temple - 750 Meters from sree pavanapuri apartments
Guruvayur Sree krishna Temple - 750 Meters
Rajah Hospital - 1.6 KM - guruvayur
Rajah Hospital - 1.6 KM
Sri Krishna College-5.8 KM
Sri Krishna College-5.8 KM
Devaswom Eng Medium School - 1.8 KM -  from sree pavanapuri
Devaswom Eng Medium School - 1.8 KM
Amritha School - 3.8 KM  - near sree pavanapuri apartment guruvayur
Amritha School - 3.8 KM
Police Station - 5.0 KM - near sree pavanapuri apartments
Police Station - 5.0 KM
Chavakkad Beach - 1.6 KM
Chavakkad Beach - 1.6 KM
Punnathur Kotta - 3.4 KM - near guruvayur temple
Punnathur Kotta - 3.4 KM
Devaki Cinemas
Devaki Cinemas - 1.2 KM
Apartment near Guruvayur temple


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Over time, Guruvayur has changed so much that people are eager to buy apartments and flats. The place is growing really fast, and the increasing interest in property calls for a pleasant future. Lots of people wish to live there, because of the great location. So, when you invest in apartments in Guruvayur, you're likely to make good money.

Choosing the perfect location for apartments is the first step for maximising profits in investment- It’s the key to success in getting good returns.

Guruyavur’s growth story

Guruvayur used to be a small town, but now it's grown into a busy place. This makes it a great spot for investing in property. The place has improved its roads, buildings, and overall facilities, and it's doing really well economically. All these positive changes are what make Guruvayur an excellent place for real estate investment.

High demand for property

Lots of people want homes in Guruvayur because it's becoming a really cool place to live. The beauty and facilities are attracting more people. So there's a high demand for housing, especially for apartments. This not only shows Guruvayur is in demand right now but also suggests that property values might go up in the future. Buying apartments in Guruvayur is becoming a popular choice for those thinking about investing in real estate. And apartments for sale in Guruvayur are also increasing because of the same.

Perfect location

Choosing apartments in Guruvayur is a hundred percent smart move because of its fantastic location. It's more convenient to get around with quick access to main roads and important places. Living there is convenient, as you're close to essential services, temples, schools, and cultural spots.

Cultural significance

Guruvayur is famous for its cultural and spiritual vibes, especially because of the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple. Living near to this special place makes Guruvayur even more pleasing. The town's cultural beauty not only adds a unique feel. It also makes living there more lovely and accessible, thereby increasing property values.

Future Growth

Smart people who study these things say that Guruvayur is going to keep growing and getting better. The place has plans and projects to make sure this growth lasts. If you're thinking about investing for the long term, Guruvayur is a good choice. The town's commitment to ongoing progress makes apartments in Guruvayur a thrilling option for people who want to invest their money wisely.

Good returns

Deciding to buy 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartments in Guruvayur is a smart move. Especially in the areas that are growing fast. As Guruvayur gets better, the value of your property is likely to go up, giving you a great chance to make money when you decide to sell or rent it. It's like jumping into a good opportunity early and watching your investment grow along with the town.

Great Location, Easy Living

Sreepavanapuri Apartments in Guruvayur are conveniently located near the railway station, making it super easy to access important places like schools, temples, hospitals and more. People can get the vibe of Guruvayur's busy life while enjoying a safe and peaceful home.

Perfect for Everyone searching for the best apartment in Thrissur

These apartments are designed for everyone, with a special focus on providing a safe and comfortable living space for senior residents. It's like having a home that's not just beautiful but also cares about your well-being. Isn’t that beautiful?

Safe and Green Living

safety matters! Sreepavanapuri Apartments are equipped with top-notch security features like CCTV surveillance and controlled entry systems. We also believe in eco-friendly living, focusing on sustainable energy practices that coexist together with nature.

Fantastic Facilities

Choose from 1 BHK apartments or 2 BHK apartments in Guruvayur, each with its parking spot and fantastic amenities like a rooftop gym, a fun kids play area, a cool roof party spot, and even a yoga terrace. Parking? No worries – we've got you covered!

Luxurious Inside, Homely Feel

Step inside to luxurious interiors – your main door is like a grand entrance with high-quality veneer. The living spaces have beautiful Simpolo vitrified tile flooring, making it a cosy and stylish place to call home. Built by the best builders in Guruvayur we can say!

Modern Kitchen and Bathrooms

Love cooking? Our kitchens are designed for you, with a separate water line just for drinking, space for all your appliances, and even a centralized gas system. Bathrooms are no less – elegant and functional, with Toto wash basins and energy-efficient lighting.

Living Spaces

Enjoy more than just an apartment. The entrance lobbies are elegant, there's a visitor's lounge close to nature, and modern elevators make life perfect and easy. Plus, we've got spaces to work out, play, and relax – a rooftop gym, a kids play area, a yoga terrace, and a roof party area.

Quality Living, Stress-Free

Sreepavanapuri Apartments promise not just a place to stay but a high-quality living experience in Guruvayur. We believe in a stress-free living environment and aim to make the housing experience smooth and comfortable. The perfect stress free apartments in Thrissur you could ever get!

Safe and Responsible Living

Feel secure with our security room, CCTV surveillance, and access control systems. We're also doing our bit for the environment with a sewage treatment plant and a rainwater harvesting system.

Check out our beautiful apartments for sale in Guruvayur, crafted to make your life better. Your dream home is ready for you at Sreepavanapuri Apartments, the best apartment in Guruvayur, where everything is designed to make your life easy and comfortable.

1. Why Are Apartments a Good Investment?

Apartments are a good investment because they're cheaper to start with than houses whether it's 1 BHK or 2BHK apartments in Guruvayur, making it easier for investors. They attract different types of renters, ensuring a steady income. Plus, sharing the costs of common areas can be a bonus for investors.

2. Can Apartments Have Fireplaces?

Yes, some apartments have fireplaces. However, it depends on the building's structure, local regulations, and the specific design of the apartment. Not all apartments are equipped with fireplaces, but some luxury or older buildings may have them as part of their amenities. Check it when you are considering apartments for sale in Guruvayur.

3. Are apartments a good choice for long-term investment?

Absolutely! Apartments are a great long-term investment. You can count on a steady income from renting them out, and their value might go up over the years. It's a smart way to grow your money in the long run.

4. Are there financing options available for buying apartments in Guruvayur?

Various financing options, including mortgages and bank loans, are available for purchasing apartments in Guruvayur. Consult with local financial institutions to explore the options that suit your investment plans.

5. Can I expect good returns from investing in apartments in Guruvayur?

A: Guruvayur's growth and increasing demand for property suggest the potential for good returns on apartment investments. Choosing a well-located and reputable project, such as Sree Pavanapuri Apartment in Thrissur, enhances the likelihood of a profitable investment.

Find your dream home in the growing town of Guruvayur with our luxurious apartment for sale at Sree pavanapuri apartments. Located near the railway station, these apartments offer not just a living space but a truly new experience filled with convenience, safety, and comfort. Enjoy the busy life of Guruvayur while enjoying quick access to schools, temples, hospitals, and more. Our apartments suit various needs, designed for everyone, including a special focus on providing a comfortable and easy living space for senior residents.

Experience the perfect blend of luxurious interiors and a homely feel, with top-notch security features, eco-friendly living practices, and fantastic facilities like a rooftop gym, kids play area, and a roof party spot. All done by the top builders in Guruvayur. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, investing in these apartments in Guruvayur ensures not only good returns but also a stress-free and high-quality living environment. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of Guruvayur's growth story, where each detail makes your life so much comfortable. Choose 1 BHK apartment or 2 BHK apartment as per your needs and preferences. Your dream home awaits at Sree Pavanapuri Apartments, the best apartment in Thrissur.

Take a look at our range of apartments in Guruvayur for a premium living experience. Whether you seek the perfect 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartments for sale in Guruvayur, our offerings perfectly explain both elegance and comfort. Built by leading builders in Guruvayoor, these residences embody luxury living. Secure your dream home and become a part of the busy Guruvayur community. Explore Sree pavanapuri apartments as the finest apartments in Thirssur with us. Your way to exclusive living awaits!

  • 1 BHK Apartments in Guruvayur : Perfect for individuals or couples, our 1 BHK apartments in Guruvayur offer a perfect blend of functionality and style. Experience the joy of living in a space designed for convenience without compromising on the luxurious aspects of modern living
  • 2 BHK Apartments in Guruvayur: For those desiring more space, our 2 BHK apartments present an excellent choice. These residences have well-planned layouts, ensuring ample room for families to enjoy in a pleasant environment.

Have an equal blend of convenience, safety, and luxury with Sree Pavanapuri Apartments. Secure your dream home and become a part of the growing Guruvayur community.